Ashby Villas


This detached residential dwelling has been specifically site designed to sit within the contours of the existing land (former bowling green) in West Boldon. This approach results in a split level floor plan with sleeping accommodation situated within the lower section of the dwelling away from active rooms such as the Kitchen and Living area. The materials pallet was selected to provide a contemporary dwelling that sits well within the existing vernacular of the area. A high standard of air-tightness has also been achieved.

“In 2012 we first met up with Craig and the team at Fitz Architects. We were in the process of buying a site in West Boldon to build a new house as we were both approaching retirement. Craig was most helpful from the start. From a blank canvas he and his team listened to our requirements and created a wonderful home with all the elements we wanted and more. Fitz were very conscious of the trees on site and positioned the house exploiting the shelter of the trees as well as capturing the sun to produce a wonderful, bright and contemporary home. They assisted greatly with the planning requirements and ensuring that the external aspect not only suited the planners but (more importantly) gave us a property that was well positioned and extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye. They also ensured that the building itself is a sustainable and environmentally friendly property achieving the highest levels of insulation.

Finally, having lived here for nearly two years the house has everything we want and fully fitted our original expectation in fact exceeding those expectations. There is nothing from a design and architectural point of view that we would like to change.

Thanks to all the Team at Fitz Architects.”

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